All our teas are direct trade and sustainably sourced from Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. Nuxalbari was
established in 1884 and was incorporated into a tea company in 1910. The oldest tea bushes date back to 1890 and are still thriving.

Led by three generations of women, the tea estate empowers women. Because of the delicate nature of the work, most pluckers picking tea leaves on estates are women. And on the contrary to other tea plantations, Nuxalbari encourages and mentors leadership in women by ensuring women reach supervisional positions both on the fields and in the factory.

At Project Chaiwala, the teas are sustainably sourced from Nuxalbari Tea Estate's gardens. The freshest organic teas are delivered directly to us in Dubai to brew everyday. Don't forget to try our fresh and organic karak chai available across Dubai. From inside-out, Project Chaiwala works to be a socially responsible company in every possible effort with sustainable sourcing and direct trade of our teas in Dubai. We produce authentic chai experiences with honest, fresh and organic teas and ingredients.

The Chaiwala or Chaiwali (in case of being a woman) are a symbol of our project. They offer the spontaneous touch in our concept, the same way a spice does in our chai. And by uniting tradition with our present, Project Chaiwala creates the perfect spot to savor the Perfect Karak Chai and snacks in Dubai.

These organic teas are available to sip in our stores and for purchase online in the form of karak chai and masala chai blends, loose leaf tea tins, and exclusive chai kits, tea bundles and loose leaf tea brew kits.

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