Project Chaiwala is a community-inspired homegrown tea concept that was founded in 2017. Bringing a nostalgic charm and traditional recipes to a modernly designed Dubai Café, Project Chaiwala celebrates the Chai culture every day.

Growing up to street Chai vendors, cafeterias and local cafés in the region, people know the significance of that cup of tea – enjoying it with friends and family, having it midday, after a meal, or sipping on it late in the evening. This ritual is the essence of what Project Chaiwala came to be; a reflection on authentic taste and a celebration of Chai, street culture and community.

Working with the best to ethically source the freshest organic tea produce, Project Chaiwala receives all its tea from Nuxalbari Single Tea Estate in Darjeeling, while spices and fresh milk (and milk alternatives) are sourced locally to brew Chai every day.

Project Chaiwala is currently operating 6 cafes in the UAE and has launched a unique collection of packaged chai blends and packaged tea blends that are available for purchase in-store and online through various channels. The launch also introduced a DIY Chai kit that allows you to become your own chaiwala from the comfort of your home. Project Chaiwala aims to shine a spotlight on the art and charm of Chai – from sourcing the tea leaves, to brewing that perfect rich cup, to enjoying every sip.


Project Chaiwala was born when two Chai-lovers put their hearts together and decided to create a place for people to connect, enjoy authentic and ethically sourced tea, and become part of an urban community. Together they embarked on a journey to learn all they could about Chai from the streets of India and the UAE – to develop recipes that transcended the average, to maintain authenticity and add unique elements in Project Chaiwala’s cups of Chai that can be tasted with each sip.

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