Experience the new generation of Chai drinking culture where heritage meets innovation.

The collab brings together two brands to redefine your cup of tea. Lipton’s legacy of global expertise infuses with Project Chaiwala’s unique take on an urban tea drinking culture.

We’re not just brewing Chai, we’re crafting an experience that blends heritage with contemporary innovation. This partnership seeks to celebrate the time honoured art of tea brewing with Lipton’s commitment to exceptional teas through the new generation of global Chai drinking community of Project Chaiwala.

A unique tea blend crafted specifically for Project Chaiwala and its range of Chai and Iced Teas

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Sourced directly from the finest tea gardens in the Indian Assam region, blended with the high elevation plantations from the rift Valley of Kenya, and best quality Rwandan teas.



Lipton’s commitment to sustainability is to drive the entire tea industry upwards and create value for all and the planet, from farmers to consumers, retailers, team members, partners, and shareholders.
Carbon neutral factory
ZERO to waste to landfill
98% of the energy from renewable sources in Kenya
100% pesticide-free crops in Kenya and Rwanda



Handcrafted and blended to perfection by the Lipton tea masters bringing decades of expertise from all across the world. The blend is a mixture of 100% cut pekoe leaves which deliver the brisk and full-bodied taste, flavorful aroma and characteristic creamy thickness



Floral aromatic notes from young and tender top leaves of the Rwandan plantation create the unique memory structure of the blend which is unique to only Project Chaiwala chais.



An intense, full-bodied yet smooth blend bringing the best of two worlds - the heart of Asia from the Assam region and the magical rift valley in Kenya