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indian tea
indian tea
indian tea
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This is a founder’s favourite and as a natural relaxant, it is recommended as an excellent brew for your afternoon tea in Dubai.

Darj-oolong is a unique, single-origin tea sourced directly from Darjeeling, India.

This Indian tea leaf, freshly plucked and hand-crafted by our friends at Nuxalbari Tea Estate, is one for the true tea connoisseur.  Darj-oolong tea is neither green nor black, it is called “semi-oxidised” and falls somewhere in the middle. This delicate tea is carefully produced to ensure its fragrant nature and light and floral taste.

With the dual health benefits of both green and black tea, oolong is a natural stress-buster and is perfect to sip at the end of a long day. Not only does it have effective anti-oxidant properties, it is also often used to aid in weight loss as it is known to boost metabolism.

Don’t miss out on this enriching tea - visit the Project Chaiwala tea shops in Dubai and Sharjah to have your first taste! It will definitely not be your last. 

Oolong tea can run the spectrum from light to dark in colour and its taste can be equally diverse depending on how much the tea leaves are oxidized. Project Chaiwala’s Darj-oolong is a pure, single origin tea that is pale in colour and boasts a refreshing flavour. Smooth and airy, our oolong tea will soothe your senses and leave you feeling calm and content.




100% organic oolong tea 




  1. Put 1 scoop or 2 gms of Darj-oolong loose-leaf tea blend into a disposable Project Chaiwala infuser bag.
  2. Heat 1 cup or 250 ml of water to 90°-100°C.
  3. Steep the infuser bag in heated water for 3-5 minutes.


Chaiwala tip


Need some snacks for your Chai and chill session? Project Chaiwala’s rusks are always the ideal complement to your delicious cup of tea. You can buy our Chai and snacks online from www.projectchaiwala.com or from any of our delivery partners.


Social Responsibility

Real Chai. Real People. This is the simple and powerful message that creates the foundation of Project Chaiwala. We are a people-oriented organisation and so, in line with this, we believe in mutually beneficial direct trade with our tea suppliers. Our organic tea products are sourced directly from our socially and environmentally responsible friends at Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. Managed by women for three generations, Nuxalbari mentors and empowers women to reach leadership positions on the fields and in their factory. Together, we make sure you always receive the wholesome, high-quality, sustainable tea that you have come to expect from Project Chaiwala. 

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