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Chamomile & Chill is a cup of tea like no other that is enjoyed by everyone in Dubai.

Organic green tea leaves grown at Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling are freshly hand plucked and mellowed with Himalayan-grown chamomile buds and then blended and shipped to Dubai. While the green tea revitalizes the senses, the chamomile buds infuse a sense of calm and tranquillity.


Chamomile green tea is an old school natural remedy that has long been known to have healing and calming properties. It can decrease anxiety, soothe an upset stomach and help nip a nasty cold in the bud. It is perhaps most used to improve digestion and also help you get a good night’s sleep. We recommend sipping this brew after dinner or when you are winding down before bedtime. Best chill session ever.


Tasting notes


This comforting green tea and chamomile mix has a lovely, golden-yellow colour and is brimming with a floral, grassy fragrance. The flavour is light and mellow with hints of apple accentuated by a delicate, honey-like sweetness. 




95% organic green tea, 5% chamomile buds





  1. Put 1 scoop or 2 gms of Chamomile & Chill loose-leaf tea blend into a disposable Project Chaiwala infuser bag.
  2. Heat 1 cup or 250 ml of water to 90°-100°C.
  3. Steep the infuser bag in heated water for 3-5 minutes.



Chaiwala tip


Brew a pot, kick back and tune into the Karak Groove Sessions on Project Chaiwala’s Spotify playlist. Help yourself make your day a little better - buy this amazing blend of chamomile tea online or at our local cafes in Dubai and Sharjah.


Social Responsibility

Real Chai. Real People. This is the simple and powerful message that creates the foundation of Project Chaiwala. We are a people-oriented organisation and so, in line with this, we believe in mutually beneficial direct trade with our tea suppliers. Our organic tea products are sourced directly from our socially and environmentally responsible friends at Nuxalbari Tea Estate in Darjeeling, India. Managed by women for three generations, Nuxalbari mentors and empowers women to reach leadership positions on the fields and in their factory. Together, we make sure you always receive the wholesome, high-quality, sustainable tea that you have come to expect from Project Chaiwala. 

Living the Chai life

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